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We devoted our entire careers to making health and fitness something that is achievable and attainable for people from all walks of life. Our personalised online fitness and nutrition coaching systems are built to produce big changes and great results.

Our mission is to help you identify what works best for you as a unique individual without the guess work.  Based on your lifestyle, goals and environment we will make recommendations of the best diets, types of  workouts and strategies that you can apply to get fitter, feel better and live stronger.

MuscleGenetica will get you in the best shape of your life for life.


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Whether your goal is to keep active, increase muscle mass, lose body fat or achieve your dream physique our aim is to provide you with the knowledge, guidance, support and motivation to achieve your full potential.

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“Looking back at how I used to look just 8 weeks ago is a little confronting but I think it's empowering to share for any of you who are interested in how I got myself into shape for my first ever pageant, Miss Galaxy Australia. I have always wanted to compete in a pageant but have never liked my body. As a young teenager I struggled with eating disorders and at that time did not treat my body with respect, and the starvation and malnutrition lead to weight gain when I eventually overcame my issues. I literally had no idea about nutrition or exercise, I 'dieted' and skipped meals and had never lifted a heavy weight in my life 8 weeks ago I decided I wanted to grow myself a rig. I didn't want to be a skinny girl because I am not a skinny girl. I didn't want to be afraid of eating food either. Under the guidance of Head Coach, Stephen Arnold, I changed my whole perspective of health and fitness. I didn't starve to get to where I am, I have been eating 5-6 times a day, I haven't performed more than 20 minutes of cardio on any given day and I can now leg press more than 100kg and I love it!!!! I have lost 7kg and put on a load of muscle, as well as losing 10cm from my hips alone, however I have still maintained a healthy size 8.”


Perth, Australia

Miss Galaxy Australia 2017


"I've spent years in the gym training hard and never really got the results I wanted, I love bodybuilding and it's been a dream of mine to one day compete on stage. 

Steve was always a friendly face in the gym and after a brief conversation I decided to join his team. In the first 8 weeks of training i experienced accelerated results like never before. No my goal is becoming a reality as we are now working towards me stepping on stage early next year."


Seoul, South Korea


"Living in Ireland I struggled to achieve the physique I wanted, I decided to enter a bikini modelling competition to help motivate me. I was 12 weeks away from stage and my progress started to go backwards, as you can imagine I began to panic and my coach at the time just couldn't help me. My calories were already very low and I wasn't sure where to go.

I was referred through to Steve, programming my nutrition and training in accordance with my genetics he managed to get me on stage achieving a 5th place finish. My journey started at a bodyweight of 85kgs and I finished on stage at 58kgs. I was eating more calories then when I started and training less! Through his knowledge and experience Steve helped me achieve my dream!!!"


Newry, Ireland